Xin Chou, Feelings of the Winter Solstice, etc.

Xin Chou winter solstice feelings

◎He Lukui

Li Baineng’s poems startled the moonlight, and Liu Ling loved wine and cowardly.

Singing about the prosperous state affairs, sipping Yunshan Jingtaiheng.

Liang’s father Chu Kuang was still in distress, and he captured the vulture alive.


① Huang Zhong, “The Etiquette of the Book of the Later Han Dynasty”, in the winter solstice, a hundred officials must do something unique, choose what can be done, play the Sheng, and play the “Rhythm of the Yellow Bell.”

②Color paintings, contained in the Ming Dynasty “Scene of the Emperor”. On the winter solstice, the plum is painted with eighty-one petals.

③Liangfu, Zhuge Kongming, who lived in Longzhong, often recited “Liangfu Yin”.

④ Chu is crazy. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Lu Tong, a native of Chu, wore hair and pretended to be crazy because he was unwilling.

⑤ Vulture, the largest bird of raptors.

There are three chanting plums in the winter solstice (outside one)

Text / Gui Changlong


Test Divination Operator

Snow flakes all over the sky, and the cold pierced the sleeves. The ice-covered earth is dead, and the plum blossoms are unique. The high-spirited gentleman, fragrant and thin, horizontal and thin. A song of joy, the east wind rises, and the spring is all over China.


Hanjiu plum blossoms are yellow, arrogant and frosty in the sky.


Senbayashiba Naoko, Manka color tool decline.

Fushenggang is full of snow, with old plum blossoms in Qiuzhi.


There is little rain and no snow in the half of winter, and Hanjiu is anxious to come to Nong.

Wheat field moisture is lack of seedlings and it is difficult to flourish, and anti-early utensils are ready.

winter solstice


The earth is vast and white, looking at the silver world welcoming the sunrise with a smile.

The cold wind is bitter and the body and mind are cold, and the winter has passed nine years now.

Bulls and tigers change their rotations, sleeping in dreams and waiting for spring.

Tangyuan dumplings add feelings and warmth, and Xuerun plum blossoms and butterflies float.

winter solstice

Kingdom Chapter

It’s late winter with less fog and frost, and the north wind will gradually open the sun.

Let’s watch the green bamboo condensing the cold extract, and then the plum branches will gather the dark fragrance.

The seasons are shorter and the days are shorter, and life is long and dreams are long.

Looking back at the year of the ox, pray for the wish, and hope for the good luck in the year of the tiger.

winter solstice

Grows to summer solstice and short to winter,

One green onion grows a day after winter,

If you ask how long a green onion is,

It counts for exactly two minutes,

How to get this number,

Wait till I say you listen carefully,

It’s dawn at four o’clock in the summer solstice,

At eight o’clock in the night, the lamp was held,

I can’t see clearly at five o’clock in the evening,

Six hours before and after,

Six, six, three hundred and six minutes,

The number of days in the year is almost the same,

Approximately one minute a day,

From winter to summer solstice for half a year,

So one green onion for two minutes,

This account is not at all confused,

Usually no one comes to recite sutras,

It’s the winter solstice until today,

Sentence more and less sentence improvised to listen.

Partridge Tian. Winter Solstice Recalling Jun

Text/Khan Niu

The summer solstice travels south to know the heat, and the rest of the light is cozy and refreshing in autumn.

It coincides with the severe cold day of the winter solstice, and recalls the furthest time away from you.

Back to the horse anxiously, whip the whip. The flowers and plants in the countryside are afraid of coming late.

There are always golden words of gratitude, brilliant poems all the way.