What is your favorite lifestyle, what kind of lifestyle do you want most

Life is varied, and everyone has their own way of life that they yearn for and like.

To be more competitive or

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Favorite life

The way is to have no plan every day, do whatever you want.

I especially want to live a free day. I have endless time, endless money, and more than energy. That day I went wherever I wanted to go, played whatever I wanted, said whatever I wanted, and stayed with whoever I wanted to be with.

That day, I will definitely be the most real me in my life.

But what is life like now? At two o’clock and one line every day, a fixed life, a fixed study, every day is regular. I don’t like such a dull day. What I want is an unfettered dream and someone I want to find.

But if there is really no plan, what will my life be like? Without homework, I don’t need to study. I didn’t have to make money, and I started to make a big splash. I don’t want to run out of luck at a young age.

After all, I just want freedom.

3rd floor: Dreaming is not difficult

So we must achieve this goal. It is really necessary to study hard.

I think this lifestyle will make me feel very comfortable and comfortable.

What is your favorite lifestyle

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Just leave.

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01 Know how to be silent

In life, we always encounter people and things that make us angry and upset, and sometimes we even want to fight with others endlessly. But in fact, arguing and getting angry will not do you any good.

02 keep calm

As the saying goes, “there is nothing wrong with mediocrity”, all the troubles and pains in life come from the restless heart. The noisy and impetuous state not only affects the mood, but also affects the health.

03 learn to bend over

In our life, we will meet many people who teach us to bend over. There are parents, teachers, and leaders… But more often, only you are the one who really teaches you to “bend down”, and only you can remind yourself from time to time: What should I do?

04Don’t think if

We will face countless choices in our life, and every choice can affect our life direction. But there is no chance to come back in life, since you have chosen, don’t regret it, let alone always say “think if it was at the beginning”.

05Continue learning

There is a saying, “Those who are more beautiful than you and richer than you are working harder than you, what qualifications do you have to not work hard?” You work harder.

06 keep it simple

In life, there will always be many unsatisfactory things, and there will always be many stumblings, but if everything is to care about the gains and losses, you will not get along with yourself, you will care too much, and you will only make yourself too tired!

07 learn to refuse

Bi Shumin said: “Rejection is a right. If you are so easy to talk, who can understand you? Life is not easy. Many times, you abandon your precious time but are squeezed by those who take advantage of your kindness. As far as they are concerned, what you have done is not worth mentioning.”

08Have a mindset of peace of mind

In a world full of material desires, it seems that everyone lives very tired, wants a lot, but gets very little, wants happiness, but always lives unsatisfactory. Busy to and fro, don’t even know why I live.

In fact, the greatest happiness in life is to have everything you want and let go of what you don’t get. Put aside unrealistic desires, look down on life, and live for yourself with a mindset that is easy to meet.

09 do what you like

Being a human being, everyone lives for the first time. Do what you like, don’t always care about others’ opinions; try something you want to do but don’t dare to do, don’t veto yourself too quickly.

Time will not rewind, the years will not return, don’t let your life leave regrets.

10 please love yourself more

Life is like a big stage, everyone has their own role to play. As for what role to perform and how to perform, you can only decide by yourself.

7th floor: anonymous users

1. I like it

Happy way. The way of life you like may not be found by yourself now, or you haven’t achieved it yet, so it’s okay

2. The leisurely way. It is estimated that most people like this way. This way of life is very popular with people. Everyone has to work hard for it.

3. The busy way. Some people just can’t take time off, and they feel uncomfortable when they are free, so get busy and work harder while you’re young.

4. The way that suits you. Whether it’s a busy way or a leisurely way, in short, what suits you is the best

8th floor: anonymous users

My favorite way of life, in a comfortable life, traveling around the world, this is the life I want most.

9th floor: Lion Geek

People sit at home, money comes from the sky

10th floor: Master Zu Yanzhai

I do my own way without asking for others.

11th floor: Jiaoh Sagittarius

When you are old, you can travel around the world, or go to the surrounding places to relax. You can do all the things you can’t and taboo and can’t do when you are young. The main thing is? Money is the prerequisite.