The favorite of female players!

Inventory of Emei School’s strengths and avoid weaknesses need to be paid attention to

Emei is the only special sect in Jiuyin Scripture 3D that can only be joined by female characters. It is also one of the most popular sects in team mode. Players who play Emei are usually polarized or play well. Or I don’t know how to start at all, and then I will bring you the strategy to improve Emei PK skills.

In fact, the overall attributes of Emei are relatively modest, not in any aspect, but there is nothing outrageous, especially in terms of damage, it is really worrying, so it is more difficult in all schools in PK, but it is not completely impossible. To play, as long as you make good use of your own control skills, it is still quite powerful.

This move is a straight-line long-range skill with a knockback effect, but I personally recommend that you try not to use it as a long-range skill. If your opponent has some experience, you will be defensive and easy to hide. Release when close to the body not only increases the hit rate, but also fully controls the effect.

Secondly, Yu Heng Yunshou is a good starting skill. The sprint and stun bonuses are combined with the general attack and the love parting. The opponent is still very uncomfortable to control. Of course, the martial characteristic of Emei is there. , A backhand is definitely the best choice, waiting for the opponent to reveal the flaws before turning to attack is the best solution.