Another look at health, choose carbohydrates carefully

We live in an age where there are too many talks. Sometimes, before we have time to wake up from shock, the content of face slaps comes again. Simply blindly following or questioning will not bring benefits. Only when the thinking is right can we see clearly. Taking another look at health will take you from the flood of information to discover the path to health that is truly suitable for you. Today we talk about the controversy surrounding carbohydrates.

Many people have become accustomed to thinking that carbohydrates are “bad” foods that make us fat and cause diabetes. But not all carbohydrates are like this. Some simple carbohydrates are quickly digested in the small intestine and absorbed in the form of glucose. They can cause a spike in insulin levels and are related to weight gain, diabetes and inflammation. They can also cause undesirable changes in the composition of the intestinal flora and may lead to the proliferation of yeasts. They are “bad” carbohydrates, mainly including sugars and starches. Some complex carbohydrates usually refer to dietary fiber, including vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, whole grains and other foods. They will not cause a surge in insulin levels. From the point of view of intestinal flora, they are beneficial to microorganisms. One of the most important foods, they are “good” carbohydrates.

When choosing carbohydrates, priority is given to natural products, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yams, corn, brown rice, etc. Of course, some green vegetables and beans are also available, but they can be ignored.

Try to avoid finely processed foods, such as: biscuits, bread, beverages (except sugar-free), ice cream, and all sweet processed foods.

Because each body has a different constitution, and different intake and digestion, there are different selection biases for different individuals . The following is my personal suggestion, through summing up some misunderstandings that novices and myself have gone through, for reference only:

1. Starting from a novice, many people think that fat is the source of weight gain, so try to avoid eating any fatty foods. If you do not feel the effect of losing weight by controlling fat, you can try to replace the fat with carbohydrates, and change the concept of “low-fat weight loss” to “low-carb weight loss”;

3. If you are endodermal (fat), try to replace the staple food with slow carbon, and properly control your intake to prevent health problems such as diabetes;

4. If you particularly like to eat sweets, please take it after exercise, because a large amount of growth hormone will be produced during exercise, which inhibits the secretion of insulin. When you eat sweets after exercise, the secretion of insulin is different from when you are not exercising.